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AKA: Pogy / Mossbunker / Bunker / Alewife / LY / Fatback / Atlantic Menhaden Family: Baitfish

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Shad Specifications

Water: Salt Where: Offshore / Surf
Size: Most common at about 8 inches but can reach up to about a foot or so.
Fight: For their size a strong and willing fighter, which in turn makes the a very good bait, which is more commonly why they are targetted as baitfish rather than for their gaming qualities.
Deliciousness: Used As Bait, Not As Table Fare
Range: Both Coasts Technique: Drifting / Still Fishing
Baits: Chum Tackle: Spinning / Cast Net

The Atlantic Menhaden makes for a good bait fish when targeting Tarpon, Kingfish, Blacktip and Spinner Sharks, Jack Crevalle, Redfish and Snook.

The Atlantic Menhaden is characterized a green topside with yellowing flanks and a lighter underside, all muttled with a series of darker spots and yellow fins. His mouth is large and has a pronounced underbite.

These fish are found from the far depths to near shore and coastal waters, sometimes hanging around structure.

A trot lined tipped with cutbait or shrimp pieces work well, but chummed waters and a cast nast are the prefered method of catching the Menhaden.

Props Board Pictures of Shad

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