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From worms to crickets and frogs to lizzards, artificial plastics baits are as popular as ever. The newer artificials incorporate scented infused oils, and an ever more realistic and or tempting look and feel, to optimze their effienceny.

Gitem Baits

Being a full time Guide and tournament fisherman, we are always on that never ending search for that one bait that will stand up and make a difference. Now as everyone knows, when you walk into a tackle shop the choices are endless and it seems that everyone has their own version of a toad or a senko type bait, and I hear it all the time “ these baits are good but they tear up way too easily” Well it seems most companies have the right idea, but as we guides and tournament fisherman know, what we need is a bait that can hold up and catch multiple bass and not just one! Well folks after a lot of searching we have not only found that company, but they have been making some noise here with the great quality of their baits.
Gitem Baits is producing what we and many others have been begging for, top notch baits that catch more than just one bass before you need to replace it .These baits are made by tournament anglers for tournament anglers in mind, and we have noticed the difference in the catch rate using these baits.

Gitem Toad
Starting with what has been the hottest we have used is the Gitem Toad, unlike most toads that you will find on the market these toads hold up great, made with much better material then any others on the market. We have on several occasions caught up to 7 bass on one toad.

Gitem KO
The Gitem KO is a top notch bait that is a must have bait. Rigged however you like these baits will land you some awesome bass and with the material this company uses, will hold up a lot better than any other on the market.

Gitem AKA
Now this bait has become our all time favorite bait. The Gitem AKA has produced countless numbers of great bass under all types of conditions and all types of cover. Altho it is a top notch flipping bait for us, we have also found when rigged weightless, this bait can be worked across topped out hydrilla, creating the perfect wake and action that has made many bass come crashing thru after it. Now usually after a hit like that, your bait is rendered useless since it will tear up before you land your bass, but with the material used to make these baits we have managed several bass fishing in the same manner without having to constantly having to put a new bait on.

We have only been using these baits for roughly a month now but I can honestly tell you that since we have been using Gitem Baits, we will be saving a lot of money with the switch to them. With the top notch material, excellent response time in shipping, this company is going to make a lot of anglers very happy, novice to professionals, you won’t go wrong with these baits. Check out their web site at http://www.Gitembaits.com for a full line of baits and more information.

Gitem Baits by far out fish and out last the competition. Anglers needing that extra edge can definitely put Gitem at the top of there go to selection. You to will be saying (Gotem with Gitem).

Captain Tim Fey

Contribute Originally contributed by Florida Bassin on 06/15/06
Last edited by Florida Bassin on 06/15/06

Goto Gitem Baits Website

Inshore Fishing - Berkley Gulp VS. DOA

This year is already heating up inshore and off in the Gulf, and we have been fishing artificial baits for Macks and Trout. I found it interesting that between the two people on the boat, one was using DOA shrimp, and one was using Berkley Gulp. The results of our three day trip were very interesting. Both baits allowed us to have a great trip, but there was a dramatic difference in production between the two. The conditions were perfect with a slight breeze and sunny skies, so we fished these lures drifting in depths ranging from 12-18 ft over structure and grass.

We will start with the bait that I was using, the natural colored Berkley Gulp. From the very first cast the Gulp started taking small pecks. Working the bait in an upward and sideways motion, every time I feel contact. After 2-3 jerks of the bait, I have a fish on. It's a decent size Sea Bass. Two casts later, I catch an undersized Cobia. Then throughout the day I caught my limit in keeper Trout, keeper Spanish Mackerel, a King Mackerel at 34in on a mono leader, 4 Grunts, Blue Runners, Ladyfish, Pinfish, tons of small/keeper Sea Bass and lizard fish. The hits and bite were consistent throughout the trip and I caught enough keeper fish to feed a small army. My fishing buddy was using the gold DOA with the glitter throughout. It also had the rattler and to get some scent he tips the bait with fishbites. His day started slow with few bites, but some solid missed strikes. Around 20 minutes after I had caught my fifth fish, he sets the hook on a reel screamer. This Mack was a solid 24in, and was the largest Spanish Mackerel caught on the trip. About 5 minutes later, a 44in King Mackerel(mono leader) the largest King of the trip. He also caught the largest of the Trout of the trip. This pattern stayed consistent throughout the trip. Less keepers, but larger keeper fish.

To sum up our few days. The bite was on from start to finish. The Gulp produced a larger amount of hits, strikes, and variety of fish. At the same time, the DOA may have generated less bites, strikes and variety, but it did produce nothing but keeper quality and size fish. So I guess the question is, which do you prefer? Do you prefer to continuously catch a variety of fish with a larger amount of keepers, or do you prefer to catch only large quality keepers?

A fun way to get your Marine Electronics and Fishing Tackle!

Contribute Originally contributed by ESalt on 04/19/11
Last edited by ESalt on 04/19/11

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