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KIKO Reel Keel Roundup

A nice variety to test on the flats.
KIKO Fishing's new Reel Keel line is definitely an interesting offering and addition to your hard lure lineup. These floating crank bait plugs are touted as "the only lure with the keel" and this single feature makes them do some really cool things. I found that a slow or fast crank produced a very realistic side to side wiggle that imitated live bait well. These are very beefy, but buoyant lures, and need a consistant crank to keep them submerged. I also found that a little jerk in the reeling motion produced a quick deep dive with a left or right hook which added to the realism from time to time.

These lures were originally designed for northern species, Pike, Musky, Walleye, Rainbow Trout... but they seem like they should do equally well on Florida lakes or flats, where large bass, redfish or spotted trout are the likely suspects for a plug like this. Given the size of these lures (4 inches long) and with a single trailing treble hook, you really do want to target larger fish. The sub foot long trout I presented it to recently wanted nothing to do with it, but they were attacking smaller live mullet. To get a true test I've sent out some to a Georgia angler to give it some freshwater lake action in the northern hills while I seek out redfish and gator trout in the lagoon system. Given the wide array of color patterns to choose from (including the brightly colored "fruit" flavors) you're going to have an option for any water conditions.

I'll post more thoughts as we test these and some photos of any "keepers" these produce. Also, stay tuned for contests where you could win some of KIKO's flagship lures for your very own.

A few are being tested in the lakes of North Georgia

Google Maps Added To CFLFR Fishing Spots

This week, we added little interactive Google Maps to the fishing spot listings. Please take a look and let us know what you think about it and if you notice any errors. We hope that this makes the site more useful for planning your next fishing mission.
Contribute Last edited by Justin on 05/20/08

Better Feeds

For those of you subscribing to the fishing report feeds using RSS (and I see there are quite a few of you) just a note that I have upgraded the code to pull in the formatting and pictures users are providing. This should make for a better RSS experience overall. I know as a user of that feature myself it is greatly appreciated to see the beautiful catches along with the reports!
Contribute Last edited by Terry on 09/22/07


A few month's ago, I decided to start planning a fishin' mission to the south west coast of Florida. Stories and video of the Tarpon rolling in Bocca Grande Pass, as well as the renowned Redfish and Snook in the mangroves around Lemon Bay have been calling to me for years.

I immediately emailed Capt. Tim Mills to find out if he would be available for Memorial Day weekend. We planned on fishing all day on Saturday, Reds and Snook in the morning and then play the Tarpon herd dance in the afternoon. Having not fished that area of Florida too much, I was ready to go weeks in advance. So Friday after work, Mike, Terry, Aren and I (Justin) headed out for a couple hour drive south.

In the morning we met Capt. Tim at the dock, 6:45 am sharp. In minutes, the Dhat-l-doit was underway. The weather was beautiful enough to forget about slight wind and chop in the harbor. After a short ride, the Capt. pulled into a nice quiet channel and set anchor. Another guy in a small aluminum jon boat, trolled by trying to coax a snook onto his hook. He had the grouper face of a man that has been doing too much fishing and not enough catching.

As soon as he trolled past, Capt Tim had the gear ready and cast into what turned out to be a honey pot of Snook. Aren had a fish on within a couple seconds of hitting the water. I reeled in 2 nice ones and so did Mike. After that spectacular start we hit up some other sweet spots around the flats, landing good fish at each.

With the sun climbing higher in the late morning, Capt. Tim took us out in the bay to see what the trout were up to. Setting anchor at the right spot just off a sandbar, got us on the bite for some keepers for a couple hours. I nabbed 2 nice long ones and it seemed like one of us constantly had a fish on at all times. When the wind started to pick up, we headed back into the mangrove channels for a check on yet another honey pot of snook, reds, jacks and even a nice grouper reeled in by Aren, although not quite a keeper, he sure was pretty.

By now the time was right to head over the Bocca Grande Pass for some Tarpon craziness. On the way, Capt. Tim explained how we would setup and fish for these glorious monsters. He would set the boat ahead of the school and they would swim right under us, while we set our lines directly under the boat. He would maintain position to keep our lines vertical and let us know when to reel our lines, fast to move the boat, faster than you have ever reeled for a fish on! I was amazed at the 50 to 60 boats, all jostling to stay out of everyone else's way and stay with the fish at the same time. The giant Tarpons were surfacing all around the boats, which in itself is a site to see, grabbing some air and then diving back to the bottom in search of food. During the 3 or so hours we were out there, we only saw 2 or 3 anglers hooked up, they just weren't biting like they should have been. We had a couple of nibbles and false alarms on the rocky bottom and the good Capt. was on top of everything the whole time, like he's done this a million times. Although we didn't hook up, in a way we were kinda glad, the idea of fighting a lunker for over an hour was tiring in itself after already being on the water for over 8 hours. The experience was awesome and I can't wait until next year and try again.

On the way back to the dock, we hit yet another spot for good measure. It was late in the day, we and the fish were exhausted, so after a good 20 minutes of the one more cast game, we headed in.

Back at the dock, Capt. Tim filleted our catch while we searched for the car keys, forgotten in the water safe under the console. We had an awesome day on the water and thanks to Capt. Tim Mills, we did not just fish, we caught.

2007 Fishing Tournament Dates Posted

The CFLFR Fishing Calendar has been updated with the 2007 schedules for many local fishing tournaments, professional and amateur.

Dates for the Lake Rosalie Bait And Tackle Speck Tournament Trail, Bass Champions Senior Tour, HT3 Outdoors American Bass Series, Fishing Misfits, Winter Haven Lunker Lovers, Lakeland Hawg Hunters, Tampa Pro Bass Trail, Xtreme Bass Trail, West Coast Couples Bass Club, Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League - Gator Division, Accent Marine Tournament Trail, Polk County Bass & Snook Club are now current thru 2007. If you know about a new tourney date, Contribute it to the CFLFR Fishing Calendar and Tournament listings. If you see an error, or would like a change made to your tournament listing, let us know.

CFLFR Tournament Listings

KIKO Reel Keel Roundup08/09/10: KIKO Reel Keel Roundup

Google Maps Added To CFLFR Fishing Spots05/20/08: Google Maps Added To CFLFR Fishing Spots

Better Feeds09/22/07: Better Feeds


2007 Fishing Tournament Dates Posted12/29/06: 2007 Fishing Tournament Dates Posted

CFLFR Launch Party10/14/06: CFLFR Launch Party

Better Profile Addresses09/02/06: Better Profile Addresses

New Custom Shirt Design From CFLFR08/17/06: New Custom Shirt Design From CFLFR

Fishing Gear Store Open For Business!08/09/06: Fishing Gear Store Open For Business!

Live Tide Data Added To CFLFR07/02/06: Live Tide Data Added To CFLFR

CFLFR Official Apparel Now Available06/02/06: CFLFR Official Apparel Now Available

Off We Go!05/20/06: Off We Go!

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