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Fishing Charters

Charter fishing can offer the experience of a lifetime in Florida. Whether you are a native, or one of them tourists, hiring a charter captain will enable you to fish in local sweet spots without spending the years necessary to stake them out.

This section offers a few tips that will hopefully make your experience the best it can be.

Fighting A 10 Lbs Barracuda - 7/15/2011 Port Canaveral Offshore

Charter Captains

Listings for Captains and Charter Boats fishing in all Florida waters.

Bass Guides

Listings of Bass Guides fishing the inland freshwaters of Florida.

Deep Sea & Drift Boats

Llisting of Deap Sea & Drift Boats fishing the offshore waters of Florida.

Fish Camps

Listings of Fish Camps located throughout Florida.

General Information About Charter Fishing

FISH ON! Reeling in a Mahi-Mahi - 7/15/2011 Port Canaveral Offshore

Charter Captains are usually independent owners/operators of their charter business and set their own rates.

Price quotes are usually per boat, NOT per person. Please make sure you understand how the Capitan of your boat charges.


A deposit is usually required to book a charter. In the event that the Captain cancels the trip, i.e., because of bad weather, the deposit is usually refunded in its entirety. Each Captain controls his or her policy on deposits.

Tipping the Mate

It is generally customary to tip the First Mate at least 15 - 20% of the charter fee.

The mate is there to help you have a great time and catch fish. He will instruct you, if necessary, in the use of the tackle, and will coach you in fishing techniques.

He will explain the boat: instruct you on the use of the head and various safety equipment.

On private charters, (as opposed to party boats or head boats), he will generally clean your fish when you return to port.

In many cases, the tip is his salary.

Bring a camera!

Anytime you head into nature, take a camera. Most likely, you will see something spectacular. Plus you will need proof for your big fish story.

Mounting a Trophy Fish

If you catch a trophy fish and wish to have a mount, the Captain can usually arrange contact with a local taxidermist. In order to create a mount, the taxidermist needs appropriate measurements and, if possible, a photo of the fish. From this he will create a gorgeous plastic or fiberglass mount. There is no need to kill the fish! This is accepted practice in the industry, as we all want to preserve and protect our oceans, waterways and its inhabitants.

Bring your food and drink for the day.

In some cases lunch can be arranged with appropriate notice, but generally this is not included with the price of the charter.

Bring sunglasses and sunscreen.

Don't get seasick!

Bring medication for motion sickness. There is also a wrist band to counteract motion sickness. These can be purchased at many bait & tackle shops, or drugstores.

Wear soft shoes.

This is for your safety as much as to protect the boat.

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