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Live Baits


Bluegill, Catfish & Trout have been know to go crazy for snail meat.
Contribute Last edited by Mike on 05/04/06


Squid can be used whole or cut in to strips for the smaller species. Squid strips are a tad thi,n so cut a piece twice your desired length and fold it in half for longer life on hook.

Squid is a tough bait which lasts a long time in the water and withstands hard casting making it suitable for tipping off other baits, lug and squid cocktails being an all time cod classic. It is a decent winter bait particularly for whiting.
Contribute Originally contributed by on 06/18/06
Last edited by Mike on 06/18/06

Sniders Crickets

(407) 331-5849
1515 W. Marvin Street
Longwood, FL 32750
Contribute Originally contributed by nancy snider on 11/13/07
Last edited by nancy snider on 11/14/07

View Snider's Crickets Profile

Fishing With Crickets

The most common way of fishing with crickets is with a float or bobber. Use a #8 or #10 live bait hook. Add a split shot about 6 inches above the hook. Use as little weight as possible. This will make the cricket fall through the water at a more natural weight. Insert the hook right behind the head of the cricket and let the barb of the hook exit the middle of the back. A pencil style float is a good choice for panfish. Start with the bait set a 3 feet below the surface. If you do not start getting strikes within a few minutes, raise or lower the bait until you start getting strikes.
Contribute Last edited by Mike on 05/04/06

Keeping Shrimp Alive Without Water

Find a small ice cooler about 1 foot wide by 2 feet long. A styrofoam one will do just fine.

Fill the ice cooler half full of crushed ice.

Wet about one section (30 pages) of newspaper with the saltwater from the live shrimp tank.

Place this paper securely one top of the ice. Make sure no ice is showing.

Place the live shrimp you purchase on the newspaper with no water.

Place the lid on the ice cooler and let the shrimp chill down.

When you need a shrimp for bait, simply take one from the cooler. No water, no mess.


The shrimp appear to go into some type of suspended state because of the cool down.

When you place them on your hook and into he water, they immediately come back to life kicking.

This method will last all day, even in hot weather, as long as the shrimp stay damp and chilled, and as long as they do not come in contact with the icy water below them.

Keep the lid on that ice chest and drain the water frequently as the ice melts.
Contribute Last edited by Mike on 05/04/06

Surf Fishing With Clams

You can purchase these at most seafood markets and coastal bait shops. Its probably best to call ahead to your favorite shop(See the CFLFR Bait Shop listings HERE) and make sure they have them in stock.

Clams are great for the Fall/Winter Pompano run up the east coast. You may have your hands full all day if you bring multiple rods, but its one of the most fun you can have on nice sunny day.

Just take two shells, bang them together to break one or both open, pull out the meat. The harder, cartledge-like tissue should be placed thru your hook to hold the rest of the softer muscle in place.

Expect to reel in a few Whiting, Ladyfish, or Blue with fresh clams.
Contribute Last edited by Justin on 05/15/06

Sand Fleas In The Surf

Sand Fleas are one of the most abundant live baits found in Florida on both coasts. Many native Floridians grew up scooping them out of the sand as children, but on a hook they are almost irresistable to surf fish. Sand fleas burrow into the sand at the waters edge. The roe-egg laden females or soft shell-molting sand fleas are more preferred by fish.

Most coastal bait shops carry sand fleas scoops that make harvesting this great bait painless.

Contribute Last edited by Mike on 05/04/06

Live Bait WTF? Profiles

Contribute Last edited by Mike on 06/18/06

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Contribute Last edited by Justin on 05/23/06

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