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Northeast Cape Canaveral
10/10/11 5:24 AM
Well for the first time as I went out I had a newly engaged couple on the boat, Ralph and Megan. I wanted to make this a memorable one so as we broke the inlet at Cape Canaveral we joined hands I asked God for a bountiful safe fishing day and I thanked for the many blessing in our lives. I also prayed with them to bless their future union of marriage… If I HAD BEEN A FEW MORE MILES OUT I WOULD HAVE MARRIED THEM RIGHT THEN AND THERE… HAHAHA! But blessed with a bountiful fishing day we were!

2 Lbs Blue
10/2/2011 Cape Canaveral Jetty
As we started to head out we saw dozens of diving birds on the bait pods right past the jetty, so we decided to concentrate right there. However, after 30 minutes not one fish in the boat. Then we hit the jetty to try and pick up some Spanish Mackerel that were hitting the day before. Again, even with live Mullet as bait not a single taker. Not knowing how Megan would deal with the choppy seas we headed out to some deeper water. Once we got past the northeast shoal, we saw the winds change from the northeast to an eastern direction and the seas got calmer. So for about 30 minutes we ran and looked for some good fishing sign, first it was some weeds then bam! an awesome color change. It went from a green teal ocean to a royal blue in an instant. Not a minute past that color line I saw flying fish scattering everywhere. So out went the naked Ballyhoo: one deep, one short and one medium length. As soon as I got done setting out the short line I saw a rooster tail of water spring from the ocean and ripping from right to left; flying fish scattering, again.
15 Lbs Mahi-Mahi
10/2/2011 Northeast Cape Canaveral
"Dolphin," I shouted and headed straight to them. We watched our spread for another minute then it happened, a swing and a miss, then a taker. Fish on!

Big Enough To Eat 2 Nice Dolphin
10/2/2011 Northeast Cape Canaveral
The aerial show is always awesome by Dolphin (AKA Mahi-Mahi). Ralph was the first at the short pole and it was great to see him get a work out. I didn’t know who was more excited him or his fiancé, who was cheering him on. I cleared the other two lines, as Ralph got the fish boat side, and with a flip of the gaff in came the first nice fish of the day. A few high fives later and it was back to work.
Eating Size King Mackerel
10/2/2011 Northeast Cape Canaveral

We set out the same spread and within minutes the deep drop sounded. In to the hands of Megan went the pole. We stuck her in the fighting chair as we cleared the lines. This time it was Ralph’s turn to yell words of encouragement to his beloved. Five minutes later the fish was boat side and in the fish box. Megan whipped her brow and sat at the front of the boat catching her breath, saying, “The next one is yours!” It is amazing how much a fish can wear out a person, even one in great shape.

Another 20 minutes went by then another short line took off. This time into the toothy mouth off our resident reef Cuda. A short fight ensued and he was in the box too. But there was more to come. We decided to head back to where we first caught the Dolphin and run the same line. As soon as I made the turn and straightened out the lines we were on the 65 to 80 foot ledge, the port medium line took off. The fish, right away, was air borne flipping his beautiful blue, green and yellow body through one wave and into another. He sounded down for a minute then back to surface again for another show. After clearing the lines the gaff was out again to land another Mahi. One head shot and into the ice box she went.

Back Dive Cooling Off
10/2/2011 Northeast Cape Canaveral
Then they wanted to try some bottom fishing to finish the day. But first a quick dip in the ocean to cool off. Megan flipped backwards into the water. I just happened to catch her mid air and it was a cool shot. Once she was back in the boat she said she hopes there were no Sharks where she jumped in. With a couple of chuckles we said, well it is the ocean!”, and on our first drop a 3 foot Shark came up; then another and another! OMG was her response, and we finished up with a few short Snapper and Black Sea Bass, but a good time was had by all!

Eating Size All Kinds
10/2/2011 Northeast Cape Canaveral
Until next time, pray for good company and good fishing!


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