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Fishing Spots in Citrus County

Citrus County Fish Haven Reef #1

View Larger Map

LAT/LONG: 28 47.4 N/83 03.5 W
LORAN C: 14356.2/45305.5

Contribute Last edited by Mike on 08/11/06

Citrus County Page about Reefs


View Larger Map

LAT/LONG: 28 54.9 N/82 52.3 W
LORAN C: 14396.2/45278.1

Contribute Last edited by Justin on 05/19/08

Citrus County Page about Reefs


View Larger Map

LAT/LONG: 28 55.3 N/82 52.5 W
LORAN C: 14396.7/45282.3

Contribute Last edited by Justin on 05/19/08

Citrus County Page about Reefs

Crystal River

View Larger Map

The beautiful clear river is fed from several springs inland, flowing west to the Gulf of Mexico. The crystal clear waters are home to many manatee and therefore tourists alike. Great care should be taken when boating on these waters, which accessible by a ramp on U.S. Hwy 19 and several marinas along the way. In these clear waters, anglers are able to site-fish for small bass, sunfish, bluegill and stumpknockers. Many coastal species such as redfish, mangrove snapper and mullet are also common in the mouth and adjacent waters such as Kings bay.
Contribute Last edited by Mike on 08/11/06

Homosassa River

View Larger Map

Spring fed headwaters give birth to the "Gateway to the Gulf", this river flows into the gulf of Mexico and like many other rivers in the area, is known for both its freshwater species and coastal species. Good bass, redfish, trout, bream and mangrove snapper catches are common in this river. Caution should be taken by boaters, as Manatee are abundant in the winter months. There are both private and public boat ramps available along the river.
Contribute Last edited by Mike on 11/29/06

Lake Rousseau

View Larger Map

Lake Rousseau was formed in the 1920's by the construction of a dam on the Withlacoochee River near Inglis. Although not a physically large body of water, Rousseau takes on a relatively larger dimension due to the boating restrictions one must observe to safely navigate its timber-infested waters.The large population of timber residue also presents extreme boating hazards. There is no location in the lake where it is safe to run above an idle speed. Although the deeper, submerged Withlacoochee River channel is marked and void of standing timber, it contains a significant number of free-floating drift items, many of which are found to be very large and just below the surface. The marked boat-runs found in certain areas off the main river channel are even more dangerous than the main channel, in that the majority of the marker floats have drifted out of position and the supposedly cleared zones are normally clogged with drift. For your safety DO NOT run a boat fast in this lake. There are a few residential canals that were totally man-made and have no timber remains; but, unless you know the area and where it is clear, run your boat accordingly. Despite the hazards in the water, Lake Rousseau is popular to angler's because of its reputation of providing very large bass. The fishing has been very tough for the past couple of months but should return to it's former self when the vegetation grows back.

This 4,163 acre dammed resivior of the Withlacoochee River, supports excellent fishing for bass, shellcracker, warmouth and speckled perch amongst its heavily vegetated banks and waters, which can prove tricky for navigation. If you choose to fish from the bank, areas in the northwest corner on the bypass channel and the area in the southwest sorner by the dam are most productive. The lake is accessible to boaters by either the Withlacoochee river at U.S. Hwy 41 at the bridge or the GFC boat ramp south of C.R. 40 on Bass Lane for access to the western portion of the lake.
Contribute Originally contributed by Boe Jacquard on 05/15/11
Last edited by Boe Jacquard on 05/16/11


View Larger Map

This 19,111 acre lake is comprised of three distinct deep pools, named after adjacent cities (Hernando, Floral City and Inverness) all connected by vast shallow, heavily vegetated marshes. The lake produces good numbers of and quality bass, black crapie and bluegills. Public Ramps are located: Hernando Pool- 1/4 mile east of the intersection of U.S. Hwy 41 and S.R. 200 ;Inverness Pool- off S.R. 44, 1/2-mile east of U.S. Hwy 41 ;Floral City Pool- and on Duval Island Rd. off C.R. 48, one mile east of U.S. Hwy 41 .
Contribute Last edited by Mike on 08/11/06

Withlacoochee River

View Larger Map

This section of river covers about 9 miles of run beyond Lake Rousseau, flowing into the Gulf of Mexico at C.R. 40 adjacent to Yankeetown. This portion of the river is known for both its freshwater species and, during cooler months, its coastal species. Good numbers of bass, stumpknockers, bluegill and shellcracker are taken when targeting fresh water species while trout, redfish, mangrove snapper and the rare tarpon are sought when targeting the coastal species that venture into these waters. A public ramp is located at the mouth of the river near C.R. 40 as well as being a good spot for bank fishing.
Contribute Last edited by Mike on 08/11/06

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