American Wild Cats Managed to Fishing in Florida Sea

American Wild Cats Managed to Fishing in Florida Sea
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Whale sharks are marine animals that are classified as “vulnerable”, after being frequently exploited and traded on the international market, according to WWF. The demand for meat, fins and oil from whale sharks is high, and these sharks are also in the threat of tourism. There are often cases where these sea creatures have been injured by ship propellers. Still around sharks and fishing in Florida, recently there was a scene about the news that Bobcat managed to fish sharks in the coastal area of Florida. Bobcat is a term for one type of big cat that lives wild in the North American region. Bobcat has caused a stir on social media and sparked debate among scientists. It all began when John Bailey managed to photograph a sighting of a bobcat in the wild, precisely the beach of Sebastian Inlet Park, Florida. The photo he snapped using the iPhone last Monday night was very special because it showed a bobcat that managed to prey on a shark directly from the ocean.

No doubt, since the photo was uploaded to social networks, many were busy debating it, including local media. They stated that the photo was merely a ‘hoax’ or a fake photo. Interestingly, some American wild animal experts cannot be sure if the photo of the bobcat fishing in Florida is original or edited. However, they agreed that the appearance of a bobcat that preys on sharks makes no sense. “Did the bobcat swim into the waves and ‘provoke’ the shark directly? Of course it is very strange I just believed that the photo had been photoshopped,” said Robert King, an American biologist, via The Huffington Post. On the other hand, Amy Kight, director of the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Care breeding, claimed that a bobcat fishing shark was not too surprising. What should be questioned is how John Bailey is being able to take a picture with Bobcat. Experts are amazed and wondered how someone could photograph it because the Bobcat is very shy and rarely seen.

According to John Bailey the photographer who was visiting the coastal area to fishing in Florida, the bobcat ran away when he saw him. The wild cat also chose to leave the shark on the beach. “I was very amazed and ignored my safety,” said John Bailey. Although rarely seen, bobcat is considered as a big cat that is dangerous to humans. In some parts of America including Florida, the attack of bobcat in humans is indeed a lot happening.

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