Best Fishing Spots to Find in Florida

Blackwater River
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Florida is very famous for its fishing activity. That is because there are a lot of people who come to Florida to go fishing because of the numbers of fishing spots that they can find in Florida. If you are also thinking about going to Florida for fishing, you need to know that there are some of the best fishing spots that you need to visit if you are here. Here are some of them.

The first one is Blackwater River. This place is located in panhandle of Florida. This fishing spot is quite famous for many campers because this fishing spot also offers the campground where many of those anglers are able to camp. Because of that reason, you should not be shocked if you find that this fishing spot is full of people on the weekend. For your information, this fishing spot is always full of people even in Winter. That is because many people come to this fishing spot to catch the redfish and also the sea trout that inhabited the lower parts of this river in Winter. The second one is Dog Island Reef. This is the paradise for those who love the shore fishing. That is because the shore is totally gorgeous with the white sand on it. As an addition to that, there are plenty of fish types that you can find on this area. This way, if you cannot catch the Spanish mackerel, you can still find some other fish such as cobia and blues.

Lake OkeechobeeThe next one is Lake Okeechobee. This lake is located on the side of Everglades. For your information, this lake is considered as the heaven for those who are looking for bass. That is because there are a lot of bass types that you can find in here. As an addition to that, the size of this lake is totally big so that you will not need to worry that you will not catch any bass in this lake. The last but not least is the Key West. This area is actually known for its nice tourism spots, but the deep-sea fishing in this place is amazing. For player who want to find the giant tarpon and swordfish, this is the best fishing spot to find one. You will never want to miss this fishing spot in Florida if you are thinking about catching one of those giant fish.

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