Miami, Paradise of Fishing in Florida

Miami, Paradise of Fishing in Florida
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Miami’s natural beauty in the United States is clearly recorded in the film Step-Up Revolution. Land, sky, and sea combine into one. There are several places in Miami considered as the paradise of fishing in Florida. The waves and white sand make this city in southern Florida even more stunning. There is no chaos, even though it looks free, everything stays organized. The exotic beaches are never empty of tourists, some street corners are enlivened by the beat of music, and travelers who are enjoying the hustle and bustle of Miami. The following are 3 of the most beautiful and distinctive panoramas to go fishing in Miami. The first one is Oleta River State Park. The Oleta River is not only a haven for wildlife but also for everyone who loves to go fishing. In this place, traveler from can explore nature while fishing. One of the most fun ways to enjoy the beauty of the Oleta River is by renting a boat, canoeing or doing parasailing. If you’re lucky you can see pink dolphins. Shady panorama of mangrove forests makes the air around this river feel fresh. Choosing a picnic package to one of the islands around the river with your family is one of the most suitable alternatives to fill your vacation.

Then there is Parrot Jungle Island. Adopting Dr. Dolittle’s idea, this island seeks to attract tourists with bird and animal attractions. Located off the coast of Miami, this 18-hectare island has a protected animal and bird conservatory. Here you can see thousands of birds that live throughout the world. These birds are protected and bred in special protection. The most amazing birds include Flamingo, Cockatoo, Bayan, and many others. Traveling to Parrot Jungle Island became one of the most popular destinations especially to go fishing in Florida. Besides that, you can also go fishing all around Parrot Jungle Island waters.

The next one is South Beach. Nobody denies that Miami has beautiful beaches. At the beginning of the movie Step-Up Revolution, the audience was immediately spoiled with white sand stretching like a yard for its skyscrapers. Yes, that is South Beach. The light blue sea and the tempting waves roll invite tourists to fight with surf boards. Beach girls in bikinis and tourists who enjoy sunbathing are a sight on this beach. Fish stocks around South Beach are also abundant compared to other spots to go fishing in Florida, so it would be very exciting to go fishing there. At certain times, Party Beach is often used along this coast. Dancing on the white sand and cool coastal breeze will make you feel like you are floating in freedom. Miami is one of the places that you must visit when traveling to the US.

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