Preparing Bait for Best Catch

Preparing Bait for Best Catch
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Preparing Bait for Best Catch – Fishing is fun when you know how to do it. You will never have great time catching if you don’t have good bait in your pack. Depending on the water type, you might need to purchase different bait types. For saltwater fishing, there is no better option than fresh bait. Do you know how to prepare them?

– Determining Bait Type
Before you hook the bait, think about the fish you are going to catch first. If you go after bigger fish, you cannot use simple shrimp to lure them, like when you want to win big in an online poker game in then you need bigger bet. A group of men with shrimp bucket obviously are trying to fish smaller catch. For bigger fish, you need at least Spanish sardines or ballyhoo. Don’t forget to check the water; saltwater and freshwater fish needs different baits.

– Setting the Bait Fishing Area
Keep in mind that nothing could beat fresh bait like nothing can beat. Unless the school fish is famine, they would ignore frozen bait and chase after the fresh one. Therefore, it would be better for you to go bait fishing before the real fish hunting. The next question would be; where are the best spots to find bait?

  1. Beach
    Are you surprised? Don’t be. This is favourite place for shore fishers. Using net, they will cast it to the shore and later collect the bait. If you are not familiar with cast, get your hands to work. Dig for some sand fleas, calm, or worms.
  2. Offshore
    Since you are on the boat, chase after shrimp boat and scoop the escaping shrimps. If no shrimp boats on the sight, then go near navigational tower or nearby reeks. You might also notice some schools on open water.
  3. Inshore
    For some reasons you cannot go to the open ocean. Don’t worry, inshore also has baits in store for you. Look for mangrove trees. Between the roots, you will find shrimps and crabs. Another trick would be setting lights on the dock. Soon, school of shrimps will gather near the lights.

– Using Proper Bait Fishing Tools
You might have noticed that bait fish should be caught from schools. Then how could you catch many of them with a single pull? Here is the trick; use either sabiki rig. It is safer, since the rig is actually several baits lined up nicely with a bit of sparkle to attract baits.

Do you know the secret of fishing? It is no other than using proper bait to lure the fish. There are several types of baits and each of them works best for specific fish. You should not believe the myth about one-bait-for-all. Roll your sleeve and start the preparation of collecting bait.

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